13 September 2009


There was a time before when I only used my computer for creative purposes. I never went on the internet. I’m a Luddite and a slow adaptor to new technology in many regards. I was just pondering my many uses for my old Mac Classic and think it’s pathetic that now that I’m tricked out with tons of technical capabilities and capacity, I’m far less creative and prolific. It seems tremendously wrong. I’m increasingly convinced that the internet is hindering (not enhancing) creative processes, overall.

With that said, you might find my words here more often and me here (online) less often.


Eleanor said...

I agree. More technology seems to equal less creativity. I do my best writing with a pen on lined paper. I spend way too much time at the computer with my fingers on the keyboard. No wonder I write so little. I'm looking forward to reading more of your words here. I've missed you.

Sandyz said...

I agree but the more I find myself lacking in creative skills...the more I lean on today's technology. I suppose I should have ran off and joined an old hippie commune...at least I would feel better about "selling out." Sandyz

Zuzu said...

Eleanor - Amen. Thanks.. I look forward to reconnecting.

Sandy - I didn't know you sold out!?!?!!