18 October 2004

Cozied Up

Here I sit, on the other side of that moment I talked about in my last entry. I’m a little dizzied and dazed. When I arrived home yesterday I went to see the lovely Tatiana – she’s magical. An hour and a half massage later I felt all wiggly and right. Then I cozied up on the sofa with Ed and Secret Agent Dog, which is where I awoke this morning – san Ed.

Secret Agent Dog smushed up against me all night and we vied for the pillow whilst ensconced in fleece and down blankets. It was a happy way to sleep and a happy way to wake up.

15 October 2004

Can't Touch This

Tonight’s the night. In 50 some hours it will all be done with and I’ll be in that post-deadline/event melancholia no doubt. There’s this moment, I’m not sure exactly when it begins, when a ball is set in motion and you just have to sit back and watch it ride its way out – cringe a little as it collides with this or that and careens off to unexpected places but then somehow ends up exactly where it’s supposed to be. Maybe that moment happens for each of us on the day we’re conceived.

12 October 2004

My Honey Bee's Ennui

Breathe, breathe, breathe. I’m totally freaked out. I have a big work-related event this weekend – and I’m overwhelmed. I’m trying to keep my freak out right-sized. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Whoa, there it goes again, expanding to fill the size of the space available to it. It’s a greedy bastard. Damned freak out.

Yesterday, enroute to my mountain with Secret Agent Dog, she stopped. We’d walked all of six blocks and she stopped and lay down right there in the middle of the street. She wouldn’t walk on no more. She was done. I’ve known something’s not right. She’s been lagging behind on the mountain, fatigues easily and seemed stricken with a general malaise. Since she needed booster shots anyways, what better time, I thought, to just have her looked at all over – the toe, the weepy eye, the whole kit and caboodle. Yes, yes, a terrible infection around the nail bed and what’s this… Lyme’s disease. The cause of my Honey Bee’s ennui is Lyme’s disease.

08 October 2004

Drive By

Cassie did a drive by lasagna yesterday. When I arrived home from my doctor’s appointment in The City to be slammed by deadlines, frazzled and preoccupied with the magnitude of work before me, there before me, as opposed to a magnitude of work, was one of Cassie’s lasagna’s – sitting in a box in the car port.

I must pause and give thanks. It was unexpected. It was perfect, I mean the most perfect thing anyone could have done for me yesterday.

The world has been spinning around, I can’t seem to catch my breath and then out of the blue there’s this amazing food, made with love and it’s not only the nourishment – it just saved me over an hour I would have spent cooking and there just wasn’t a better gesture of kindness, friendship or even help anyone could have extended. It was just perfect, at the right time and it filled me with tears and joy all at once. She’s the bomb.

I don’t love her because she makes the best lasagna on the planet – but let’s just say it doesn’t hurt (grin.)

((Thank you so much, honey. I love you dearly!))