12 January 2001

Place of Subtraction

One must allow other people to be right- it consoles them for not being anything else. - Andre Gide, The Immoralist

This is where I started isn't it? Perhaps an addenda to that is that the best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

So I find myself, sometimes, in a constant place of subtraction. Sometimes I find myself in a place of bitterness, which I reel against. Bitterness may, at times, result from examination that occasionally leads to disappointment, but it's not the cornerstone of progress. Bitterness is also that taste that often warns you of poison in the plant. It's not something to hold on to, but it's certainly something to learn from.

09 January 2001

Powder Blue

Ed accidentally spilled a cup of coffee on a white toy poodle that was tied up outside the coffee shop this morning. In a freak office accident, I rolled my chair over my jacket and the material got caught in the mechanisms of the wheel. I spent an hour of tug-of-war with the chair and went to the head of operations to free my jacket. A chair, I figured, was part of "operations." There's a full moon over the City and the fog is settled over the Bay, but the sky above is clear. Ed wouldn't tell the poodle owner that he spilled the coffee because he didn't want to be responsible for ruining the poodle or the dry cleaning bill. I think he has a crayon in his brain - powder blue.

01 January 2001

Brave New World

Greetings brave new world. To realize change, one must first have the courage and will to create change. In old English, courage means heart.